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The journey within…

Mareen Pasedag is a holistic healer and medium. She works with massage and energy healing and is a yoga teacher,- yoga therapist and guided meditation and spiritual life consultant.

She communicates with her international clientele in German, English, and Spanish. On her personal journey to find herself and looking for a creative output for her early recognized spirituality, she found her passion and mission in spiritual body and energy work.

During her training to become a wellness and relaxation therapist between 2008 and 2010, she learned different tools and techniques which she uses today for her intuitive and individually customized work.

Mareen has a fondness to work especially in the pre- and postnatal field. May it be through yoga or massage and energy treatments; the support and guidance in this sensitive and unique time for a mother-to-be is a deeply meaningful topic for her.

She is also well known for her strong deep tissue massages which are a perfect mix of strength, energy, and compassion; they can catapult the most tense client into another dimension. Her style creates a unique synergy and is the result of a combination of different techniques. Mareen is a power pack- so it comes to no surprise that she also has a calling for energy work. What makes her so special is that she lives what she teaches and so it is no surprise that her areas of work flow into each other. May it be that she gives you a nutrition advice on the side or shows you a stretching exercise after a massage, the well-being of her clients comes before anything.

Since 2005, Mareen has practiced Hatha, Kundalini and Bikram Yoga regularly. Her love for yoga and the continuous curiousness to expand her knowledge led her to pursue a yoga teacher training in 2016. For Mareen, yoga means to return to your natural state of being. To focus on the essential, to discern yourself in all your facets, and just be. To take your time for the most elemental things in life like breathing and feeling. To work on yourself, and recognize your boundaries yet not lose track and go astray. To develop step by step in your own pace and internalize through yoga the qualities of discipline, patience, acceptance, love and joy and integrate exactly all of these traits into your daily life.

Practicing yoga regularly changes your life. Not only in the physical realm but on all levels of consciousness. This is the reason why yoga is not only a physical work out. The big change takes place if you follow the 5 points of Swami Vishnu Devananda:

  1. proper breathing

  2. proper nutrition

  3. proper relaxation

  4. positive thinking and meditation

  5. proper physical practice

This philosophy is integrated in all realms of LANI Berlin.



2008 -2010 Wellness and Relaxation Therapy Training at Campus Naturalis Berlin, relaxation methods, meditation, nutrition, aroma therapy, shiatsu, ayurvedic massage, deep tissue massage, swedish massage including pregnancy massage

2013 reflexology I Volkshochschule Berlin

2014 reflexology II Volkshochschule Berlin

2016 hatha yoga  teacher training (Sivananda), Lernen in Bewegung e.V. Berlin

2016 childrens yoga teacher training, Lernen in Bewegung e.V. Berlin

2016 1. usui reiki degree

2017 pre -and postnatal yoga teacher training Unit Yoga, Hamburg

2018 2. usui reiki degree

2018 baby massage teacher training, WIP Academy Berlin

2018 yoga therapy training, Tao Health Berlin

2018 karma transformation healing, Maha Institute Frankfurt

2018 plant medicine, naturopath George Brasch Berlin - currently

2019 5 elements yoga teacher training, Elemental Yoga School, Bali