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Deep Tissue


Our Deep Tissue Massage is our most popular offering. It is a balanced combination of massage methods maximising vitality. We integrate our healing practices whilst focusing firmly on deeper muscle tissue release. Using a combination of long stroking massage techniques along with punctual trigger point therapy, the deeply relaxing and muscle stimulating practice releases built up tension whilst easing your mind and soul

Essential Oil Massage


Aromatherapy is the ancient study of fragrant essences and its impact on the mind and body. Discover the expansive world of natural Essential Oils and get to know their effects on your physical, mental and spiritual being. The essential oils are used with a base oil and are individually mixed to your needs. They can be relaxing or stimulating, reviving or calming but always cleansing. Let yourself be captivated by the deeply relaxing synergy of massage and essential oils

Prenatal Massage


Pregnancy is a very special and exciting time in a woman's life. The body is undergoing great transformation. The muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as bone structure are adjusting to the bodies new circumstances. We offer specialised massage to help revitalise and pamper you from the second trimester (12th week) to your birth.

With gentle and yet firm targeted pressure, we release tension by loosening and relieving the muscle tissue. With a sustained flow of energy, the massage can be deeply relaxing, relieving stress and blockades helping you restore balance.

Postnatal Massage


Especially following birth, the body needs rest and time for recovery. During breastfeeding, the neck, shoulders and lower back can take considerable unaccustomed strain. Our postnatal massage focuses significantly on the relaxation of these muscle groups then expanding to a full body massage.

We use our Reiki practice to support our new mums by channelling this energy to aid their recovery. A short getaway during an exciting but challenging time.



With reflexology, the foot reflex zones (pressure points) are targeted and activated with the thumb or index finger. Our whole body, including its organs, are represented by pressure points in our feet which we activate to support the bodies own healing abilities. The treatment has an overall balancing effect on the body regulating and releasing built up tension. This firm foot stimulation practice leaves our clients feeling soothed from head to toe.

Holistic Relaxation Massage


The relaxation massage is performed with a unique warm oil composition. We combine this slow and intuitive massage with our Reiki practices to heighten the release and relaxation outcome of the session.

* This treatment can also incorporate essential oils specific to your preferences

Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage


The Ayurvedic full body massage is a thousand-year old Indian treatment which detoxes and purifies the body.

In the Ayurvedic philosophy the focus is on promoting your health to prevent sickness. Depending on your constitution, warm Sesame or Sunflower Oil is used for the massage. The stroking massage technique stimulates the muscle tissue improving blood flow to the targeted areas.

 This technique, in combination with warm oil, promotes the movement and removal of toxins from the skin and muscle tissue. The Ayurvedic massage is slow and deep with the aim of reaching a state of catharsis



Shiatsu is an Asian acupressure massage method utilising the thumb and ball of the hand. A Shiatsu treatment is based on the flow of Yin and Yang and the cycle of the five elements. Twelve main meridians (internal energy lines) which are connected to specific organic systems in the body are treated individually. Shiatsu is a holistic massage method whereby your Qi (energy) is positively influenced through touch, extension of the limbs and rotation of the joints. The treatment eases the body and mind activating the body’s healing process. Shiatsu is applied to a clothed body. Please bring comfortable clothes to your appointment.

Chi Nei Tsang Belly Massage


Our gut is the most sensitive and most unprotected area in our body. They say that animals walk on all fours in order to protect this vulnerable area of the body. Our intestine, apart from being known as a huge digestive organ, is called our second brain and many emotions are produced there. They call it gut feeling or intuition. Often we push topics, experiences, and emotions which are difficult to ‘digest’ into our gut. This can lead to tension of the stomach and hip muscles as well as the glued fascia system (- the connective tissue around organs and muscles).

Through the gentle Chi Nei Tsang belly massage we release deep blockages and tension. The peristaltic of the bowel is rebalancing, which leads to a positive and relaxed general well being. The gut (Hara) and the nervous system will be harmonised and transformed. During the massage, detoxification and purification of the organs will take place, and through a constant flow of deep breathing we help the body to let go of anything old and dissipated.

Baby Massage

Baby massage goes a long way in many Asian and African countries. Especially in Indian Ayurveda, massaging small children is a solid part of health promotion. The french gynecologist Fréderic Leboyer brought the massage style from India to Europe and made it known all over Europe. The baby gets a feeling of protection, security and physical closeness through the soothing and soft massage strokes. The body consciousness is trained and will lead to a healthy development of self awareness. It has a positive effect on the digestive system and the metabolism, it also strengthens the immune system and the body’s defence mechanism. Furthermore it supports the blood flow in the babys body. Through the reflex zones of the hand and the feet, it is possible to reach the organs and help to soothe growing and developing pains. Both, direct skin contact and touch are the baby’s first ways of communication as there is no mimic, gesture or speech developed yet. Baby massage is a perfect and beautiful option to create an emphatic dialogue between the baby and the massaging person and helps to tie a bond with the parents and siblings. Applied regularly, it can support a healthy sleep and therefore brings relaxation and balance into the family.

available as private session or in small groups


Home Service

We also offer Home Service. Please send us a request.

Home service is available on a surcharge of 15,- €.


 30 minutes 35,- €**

  45 minutes 50,- €** 

60 minutes 65,- €

90 minutes 95,- €

Home service is available on an surcharge of 15,- €

*shiatsu is only available as a 45 or 60 minutes treatment

**we only offer the 30 and 45 minutes treatments at our premises

Our premises are 5 min away from Ostkreuz, in the beautiful Kaskelkiez Area.