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Counter to common belief, meditation is not the conscious practice of eliminating thoughts altogether. With meditation, we initially try to concentrate on one particular thing. This is referred to as the one-pointed mind focus (as is practiced in Yoga). This one-pointed focus can be on our conscious breathing, even a picture from memory, a chakra (energy point) or a mantra (spiritual phrase) which we repeat continuously. These practices are performed in conjunction with to Pranayama (breath control), which the key to controlling the mind. A focused calm breath leads to having a quiet mind. In our meditation practice, we do not push arising thoughts away. We let them be and trains ourselves in the practice of acceptance. We try to return our attention consistently to our one-pointed mind and the present moment. True bliss and joy can only be experienced in the now, not in the past or future. We are true being, knowledge, awareness and joy which requires the present to be experienced. In meditation, we practice awareness and open ourselves up to our ability to feel and sense.  

Inner Child Reconnection


The Inner Child Reconnection is a guided meditation. I will gently guide you to a sacred space where you will meet your inner child. This beautiful and healing experience can bring clarity and emotional balance in your life. Often we are not aware of this aspect in us, though we notice that we react in foreign and uncontrolled ways in specific situations. Very often, our inner child is not integrated or ‘seen’ by us, even though it still speaks out of us. Through the reconnection with your inner child you can bring these parts of you back ‘home’. Old belief patterns, certain ways of handling a situation, and emotions can be released through this technique.

 Mindfulness and Awareness Training


Do you feel like yourself? Are you aware of your physical boundaries and warning signs of the body?

Are you self aware?

In our mindfulness and awareness training we use different techniques to enter with you the world of fully being and feeling. May it be through a physical experience of having a massage or an energetic experience of receiving a Reiki or Energy treatment. May it be through a body or fantasy journey or gentle Yoga practice and meditation. In a rhythm defined by you we work together towards your ‘aware’ness. In a time where the pressure of our daily life dictates everything, it is even more important to realign with your intuition and recognise your boundaries clearly. Our soul is talking to us through our bodies and physical ailments. When we continuously oversee this signs of warning it can lead to sickness. When we live in tune with our body, mind, and soul, we can live and act out of our centre and live a life full of health and energy.