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Cleansing from the inside out – on all levels, with 5 Elements

5 Elements Fasting and Yoga Retreat from 29.09.19 – 05.10.19 in Liepen at the Mecklenburger Seenplatte


Have you ever felt drawn to the idea to fasting but never found the right time to do it or the courage to do it alone? Or are you just looking for some time out in nature accompanied by like minded people?

If you answered yes to any of these, then come join us for 7 days to the 5 elements, Fasting and Yoga Retreat within the beautiful Mecklenburgische Seenplatte.

You will be accommodated in a modernised vintage school building directly outside Müritz Nationalpark. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Mecklenburg, together we will reconnect with nature and its elements through daily walks in the national park as well as balancing out the 5 elements inside us by Yin and Yang Yoga. By engaging ourselves in a period of fasting we will cleanse on all levels, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and most importantly energetically. Combining nature, fasting and the practice of Yoga, together we will evoke a feeling of rejuvenation in the mind and body.



For thousands of years, fasting has been a form of cleansing on all levels. Fasting is not a new concept or trend but rather has been practiced for many years by our ancestors who recognised the importance of fasting on our mind and body. For our body system fasting is part of our natural cycle. For example, if we become sick, our body slows down minimising our bodies hunger signal so it can therefore use its energy to repair and heal. Abstaining from food can therefore allow our body to dedicate itself to the process of healing. During times of fasting we are not only cleaning our whole system, but we can also burn unneccessary fat, loose redundant kilos and remove toxins that linger within our bodies.

Together we will be fasting according to the Büchinger method.That means, we fast with tea, water, thinned juices and vegetable stock.

Yoga is the perfect practice of reconnecting with yourself on all levels and can allow us to cleanse physically, mentally, and energetically. There are different forms of detoxing in Yoga. May it be the mental cleanse through meditation, the practice of Kriyas - yogic detox techniques for example breath work, or the practice of asanas which seek to stretch, strengthen and detox the body. Both work in harmony to bring to optimal spiritual, physical and mental health.


5 Elements Yoga is about working with the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The specific asanas for each element focus on the meridians and move energy within them. Through these different forums blockages can be removed and stagnant energy can finally come back into flow. We therefore come back into our natural balance and power finding perfect alignment between these two. By practicing Yin and Yang Yoga, we settle the masculine and feminine energy, day and night etc. We will practice Yang in the morning and Yin Yoga in the evening. Meditation is a key component of this retreat and will be practiced twice a day.

The combination of fasting and 5 elements Yoga will bring us back into alignment. To our origin. To our natural energy, strength and light.




Together we will reside in a modernised school within a small village that still echos its vintage feel. There is a large backyard with different chill out and seating possibilities to make yourself cozy and let your mind drift away. Bringing us even closer to nature the house offers us its resident farm animals such as sheep and horses which give it an authentic countryside feeling.

Quietness, Silence and the possibility of inner contemplation are the key pillars for this week of fasting and yoga.



It is important for us to provide you with the best food during and after the fasting cleanse. All food and drinks are organic, vegan & sugar free. Johanna, our lovely landlady will serve us a number of healthy breakfasts and clean vegetable stock before and after the cleanse. This will envigorate the body kick starting the healing process and set you up to continue what you have learnt within your time here.


The arrival is self organised.

For participants coming by car, there will be limited parking available. Please contact me should you wish to reserve a parking space.

Should you wish to travel by train you must get off at Kratzeburg Bahnhof. From here pick up can be organised for you.

Arriving by train and bike will be a 4 km bike ride from the train station.


Accommodation & Prices

There are 4 different accommodation facilities available:

1 double room with passage / shared bathroom 629,- pro Person

1 double room behind passage / shared bathroom 679,- pro Person

2 double room /private bathroom 729,- pro Person

2 single rooms with sink / shared bathroom 779,- pro Person

All beds are single beds which can be moved together as double beds.


• 5 Elements Yin and Yang Yoga

• Meditation

• Kriyas (yogic cleansing technique)

• Nature walks

• Satsang

• Fire ceremony for the new moon on the 29.09.

• Massage Workshop

• Workshop make your own natural beauty products

• Sauna (additional, not included in the price)

• Massage (additional, not included in the price )



Yoga mats, bolster, blocks and straps are provided.

This retreat is for healthy participants. Please consult your doctor if there are any doubts or questions.


5 Elements Yoga Retreat at Gülper lake in Brandenburg from 21–23.06.2019

We have been to Prietzenhof, a beautiful country house in the bird sanctuary at Gülper lake and practiced 5 elements Yin & Yang Yoga in this beautiful nature.

Commencing with the fire ceremony for summer solstice to fresh vegan goodies prepared daily by our chef Gerdy, we have endured the full experience.

Here an overview of our previous retreat: